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Our Experts Empower Organizations to Excel Across Competencies

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Process coordination
  • Analytics
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Be direct

Communicate efficiently using diverse set of communication channels. You are no longer bound to email messages. Use the most suitable tool for the task at hand.

Save time

Leverage the power of AI to draft your Intranet content. Engage your editors and inspire them to use user friendly CMS system to create beautiful and insightful articles.

Improve your reach

Select the right promotion method for your message. Transmit over multiple channels and reach employees in all user groups.


Be flexible

Tailor your digital workplace to match your needs, rather than the other way around. Utilize the appropriate workspace for the present task, whether it involves project management, report creation, or charity event coordination.

Empower your users

Thanks to the self-service model, users have the ability to create and manage workspaces, while compliance is effortlessly upheld through automated and transparent mechanisms.

Secure your files

Ensure the ongoing security of your workspaces through a robust recertification process. Prompt users to verify their continued utilization of the workspace, their ownership status, and the access rights of invited individuals.


Benefit from no-code

Use Power Platform and no-code processes to empower non-technical users to create and deploy applications. Increase productivity and efficiency while reducing reliance on IT resources.

Track your processes

Consolidate your processes and present them on a dashboard. Get a quick and comprehensive overview at a glance. Initiate new process instances directly from the dashboard.

Improve processes ROI

Share knowledge about processes enhance user awareness and boost the adoption rate. When users engage with the digitized version of a process, the returns on investment in digitization multiply.

Process Coordination

Discover what you have

Evaluate your capabilities against industry standards and construct a MVP reports center, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth.

Democratize your data

Embrace data democratization and unlock its transformative power within your organization. Foster a culture of informed decision-making and drive innovation across all levels of the business.

Gain insights

Unleash the value of insights and propel your organization forward. Leverage data-driven intelligence and gain a competitive edge. Identify growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimize operational efficiencies.


Balance your needs

Achieve knowledge balance and delivery pace by enabling employees to contribute ideas and needs for articles and scaling the Knowledge Base accordingly.

Gather feedback

Improve Knowledge Base quality by soliciting feedback from employees, promoting well-received articles, and incorporating findings from readers to correct any lacks or issues.

Align your knowledge

Balanced knowledge delivery and consumption rate, enabling employees to effectively internalize ideas and articles. Use user input to address new knowledge needs, ensuring the continuous growth and scalability of the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Management

Encourage participation

Promote a culture of appreciation, encourage participation with kudos and praises through social and team networks, fostering a positive and collaborative environment.

Curate skills

Curate employee skills by providing clear and transparent development paths. Offer a training catalog and empower employees to build their digital competency sheet in an engaging gamified approach.

Boost talent consumption

Efficiently identify the best candidates for the job by leveraging our talent database. Empower individuals to showcase their skills and experience through profile dashboards, enhanced by gamification and recognition mechanisms.

Talent Development

Actions Speak Louder
Than Words, And Customer Stories Do, Too!

Marlena Ługowska
Marlena Ługowska
Digitalization Manager Skanska Property Poland

Together with IT-Dev, we have built a consistent vision of automating and improving the registry. IT-Dev has automated this process for us using Microsoft technology. Thanks to the automation of the process, introducing an additional quality control step was also not a problem. This was our second collaboration with IT-Dev, and we can recommend working with them.

Adrian Szefer
Adrian Szefer
Vice President Global IT (CIO) Dr. Schneider

For us, this Microsoft partner stands out with a methodical and comprehensive approach to digital workplace transformation. This helped us to immediately address any open security-related concerns and blockers with proven and right-sized policy automation. That gave us a peace of mind and allowed us to switch our focus on efforts to improve the user experience and their efficiency through a digital workplace that is engaging to all our business groups internationally.

Bartłomiej Bielówka
Bartłomiej Bielówka
IT Operations Manager Nowa Itaka

High M365 and Azure technological competences and proactive operations. Focus on knowledge transfer and support in building our Microsoft services technological competences. Support of Microsoft technology return on investment. Automation and knowledge management systems implementation in Itaka. These are the reasons why our cooperation has lasted over a decade and it has been fruitful since day one.

Digital Workplace Creation Leaders

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or your digital transformation is already
underway, our team of experts is here to assist you across a range of fields of expertise.


Ensure flawless Data Security and the seamless Migration of your valuable information by leveraging our extensive expertise in conjunction with the cutting-edge AvePoint tools.

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We will strengthen the success of your digital transformation through Apps Modernization service and optimize your workflows with the power of Business Process Automation activities.

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Maximize the value of your data with our services in Analytics, Reporting, and Business Intelligence. Leverage our expertise to uncover actionable insights and drive informed decision-making.

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Benefit from our specialized consulting services and guide your business through strategic change, leveraging expert Business Analysis and effective Change Management.

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Optimize your Cloud Infrastructure with us architecting scalable and evergreen Digital Workplace. Enhance the security of your cloud digital assets through our Cloud Security services.

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Build your Intranet with our expert Portals Development services. Ensure sustained success with Portals Governance Planning, optimizing productivity through effective management.

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