Streamlining Internal Communication and Enhancing Data Security:
A Case Study of CEZ’s Digital Workplace Implementation

A Case Study of CEZ’s Digital Workplace Implementation

About CEZ

CEZ is one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic and a leading European energy group operating in Western and Central Europe. With 9 companies spread across 5 different cities in Poland, CEZ has a significant presence in the region.



CEZ had been relying on internal communication tools for many years, but as the company expanded and technology advanced, these tools became inadequate. The existing systems lacked customization options and had a user-unfriendly interface, resulting in low user engagement. Moreover, the lack of possibility to distribute the information to selected employees or groups of employees, according to their role, position, organizational structure, or geographical location, led to information chaos and made it challenging for users to access relevant information.

Another critical concern was the outdated technology of the existing systems, which left CEZ vulnerable to cyber threats and hindered productivity. Recognizing the importance of data security, CEZ realized the need for an advanced and robust solution that could withstand evolving risks and provide a higher level of protection.


To meet the challenges faced by CEZ, the company decided to implement the intranet portal using the Microsoft 365 cloud environment. This decision was driven by the need for a scalable and flexible solution that could adapt to the company’s growing needs and leverage the advanced features offered by Microsoft 365.

By utilizing the Microsoft 365 cloud environment, CEZ gained access to a wide range of integrated tools and services that facilitated seamless collaboration, communication, and document management. The cloud-based approach ensured easy accessibility to the portal from any device or location, enabling employees to stay connected and productive wherever they were.

The new intranet portal allowed for personalized content delivery based on an employee’s role, position, department, and location. This customization feature ensured that employees only received information relevant to their specific needs and responsibilities. Additionally, the portal’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation significantly improved user engagement.

In order to ensure the security and protection of the data stored within the portal, CEZ selected Cloud Backup solution provided by AvePoint. This decision was made to establish a robust backup and recovery system that would safeguard critical information in case of any data loss or system failure. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution offered comprehensive data protection, automated backups, and rapid recovery options, providing CEZ with peace of mind and an additional layer of security.

By combining the power of the Microsoft 365 cloud environment with the data security provided by AvePoint’s Cloud Backup, CEZ was able to achieve a highly secure and reliable intranet portal. This solution offered the company the flexibility to scale its operations, optimize productivity, and ensure the integrity of its data.

The integration of Microsoft 365 and AvePoint’s Cloud Backup not only met CEZ’s immediate needs but also positioned the company for future growth and technological advancements. The cloud-based approach and robust data protection measures laid a solid foundation for CEZ to leverage emerging technologies and adapt to changing business requirements effectively.

Overall, the decision to implement the intranet portal on the Microsoft 365 cloud platform, coupled with the selection of AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution for data protection, provided CEZ with a secure, scalable, and future-ready solution. This strategic approach enhanced internal communication, improved user experience, and safeguarded critical data, enabling CEZ to focus on its core business operations and drive continued success.


The implementation of the intranet portal at CEZ had a significant impact on internal communication and employee productivity. The personalized content delivery system reduced information overload and improved the efficiency of accessing relevant information. This streamlined approach led to enhanced collaboration and better decision-making across different departments and locations.

The user-friendly interface and improved navigation resulted in increased user engagement and adoption of the intranet portal. Employees found it easier to connect with colleagues, share knowledge, and access essential resources. As a result, communication gaps were bridged, and employees felt more connected to the company, leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Furthermore, the enhanced data security measures provided a robust defense against cyber threats, ensuring the protection of sensitive company information. The implementation of advanced technology and regular security updates strengthened CEZ’s resilience against evolving risks, instilling confidence in employees and stakeholders. Overall, the successful implementation of the intranet portal at CEZ revolutionized internal communication, improved user experience, and bolstered data security. By addressing the challenges faced by the company, CEZ created a modern and efficient platform that empowered employees, fostered collaboration, and safeguarded sensitive information.