Revolutionizing Operational Efficiency:
A Strategic Approach to Data and Change Management in the Energy Industry

Revolutionizing Operational Efficiency: A Strategic Approach to Data and Change Management in the Energy Industry
Morrison Energy - case study

Morrison Energy

Morrison Energy is comprehensive engineering and construction services company in the Oil and Gas industry, known for their commitment to compliance, quality, safety culture, cost-effectiveness, and practical approach.


The client faced significant challenges in data management and operational communication within a highly regulated and dynamic industry. Key issues included fragmented and siloed information systems, redundant and duplicated data, obsolete content, and impediments to effective decision-making due to the lack of a unified, reliable data source. The segmented nature of their systems also hindered standardized international collaboration, critical for maintaining safety and compliance.


The client embarked on a systematic, phased approach to enhance safety, efficiency, and cost optimization. They engaged IT-Dev, a cloud transformation partner and early adopter of Microsoft’s Modern Workplace, to leverage their underutilized investment in M365. The solution included:

  • Data Management: Pre-migration data assessment, cleansing to establish a single source of truth, and comprehensive projects files data migration.
  • Change Management & Adoption: Orchestrated adoption campaigns, technical upskilling, workshops on Microsoft services, and role-based self-service in MS Teams.
  • Automated Security and Compliance: Implementation of discreet security measures and governance automation.
  • Custom Applications: Development of bespoke applications like ReqApp and a modernized knowledge base.
  • Intranet Development: Intranet landing page with role-based content targeting and a custom KPI dashboard integrated with Teams via Viva Connections.


This strategic intervention streamlined the client’s data and communication systems, establishing a robust framework for ongoing digital transformation. The project enhanced operational efficiency, security, and compliance adherence, setting the stage for a sustainable and profitable future in the client’s digital journey.