Enhancing Quality Control and Communication:
Vision Express’ Success Story

Vision Express' Success Story

About Vision Express

Vision Express is a clear leader in the optical industry, with a strong global presence. It is part of the GrandVision Group, operating over 7,000 stores in 40 countries worldwide. With such a significant market position, the company maintains exceptional service quality standards across the board. In Poland, Vision Express has over 230 stores.



Vision Express prides itself on making data-driven decisions. But with numerous stores spread across Poland, manual collection and management of audit data (via Excel and PDF files) was time-consuming and prone to errors. Vision Express faced challenges in effectively collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from their optical stores.

Communication between the headquarters and the stores also required improvement. There was a need to enhance employee engagement, collaboration, and information sharing to ensure effective operations.


IT-Dev proposed the development of a custom application called “STORE-CHECK” to address the challenge of non-digitized data collection. The application was built on the Azure platform and provided a user-friendly interface for employees to complete surveys digitally. The answers were immediately recorded in a centralized database, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, the application allowed employees to submit photos, enhancing the level of detail in the documentation. The system automatically assigned recommendations to specific stores and sent reminders for upcoming corrective actions. What’s more, the application is integrated with the company’s intranet, which means that you can access it with just one click.

IT-Dev implemented Microsoft technologies to enhance communication and employee engagement. They introduced collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, to facilitate seamless communication between headquarters and stores. This enabled real-time information sharing, document collaboration, and effective team collaboration. The solution also included employee engagement features, such as employee recognition programs and interactive feedback mechanisms, fostering a positive work environment.


The changes implemented by IT Dev enabled Vision Express to make data-driven decisions and continuously monitor growth patterns, trends and areas requiring additional attention.
The control process is now more transparent and easier to use on a daily basis. With the introduction of digital tools, stores audits have become less time-consuming, eliminating the need for excessive office supplies.
The integration of Microsoft Teams and other collaboration tools improved communication and information sharing between the headquarters and the stores. Employees can collaborate on projects, share best practices, and seek assistance easily.

Vision Express has been satisfied with IT-Dev’s services for over 10 years. The collaboration between the two companies has been instrumental in driving digital transformation at Vision Express and leveraging technology to optimize operations, improve customer service, and support future growth.